Bride, groom expect guests to sit through timeshare presentation as part of destination wedding

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This is certainly definitely the unique technique of conserving money upon the wedding ceremony.

One new bride and groom are thinking regarding forcing visitors to look at a unit presentation incorporated in their particular wedding, in accordance to the Reddit blog post.

Some associated with the visitors apparently appeared they’re becoming “scammed” right after already intending to travel for that destination wedding ceremony.

The tale was published towards the particular site’s community forums by the user along with the title Asukabokor. Dependent on the particular story, the particular author’s buddy was searching for recommendations about regardless of whether she need to go in the direction of the wedding ceremony, or in the event that she’s correct to think that she need to skip the particular big occasion.

After detailing her friend’s relationship in the direction of the bride-to-be and bridegroom (they’ve lived within the exact same apartment complex), the article read, “So the wedding ceremony couple are usually having the destination wedding ceremony in Jamaica. Katie (the author’s friend) has already been not seeking to move for the few factors, the many obvious a single being budget. Flight plus hotel would certainly be the minimum associated with a thousands of… and she would use with least 3 days away from work given that the wedding ceremony is upon 4/20 (a Monday! ). ”

Evidently, Katie hasn’t been shut with all the un-named couple, yet her sweetheart desired to move to “make a holiday from this. ”


“Here’s the particular kicker although, ” the particular post ongoing, “the wedding ceremony couple need guests in order to view the timeshare within order in order to come! Such as, it’s component of the particular package or even something… We told Katie that anytime you look at a unit you are usually designed to obtain something through it (free trip, resort room, plus so on.. ). She gets never sitting through the timeshare just before therefore i believe it had been news along with her. All of us both currently think it’s actual tacky. ”

Despite seated through the particular timeshare demonstration, the visitors apparently are usually still anticipated to pay just for their journeys. The author explained that will she believed “the wedding ceremony couple are usually type associated with scamming their own guests. Probably the wedding ceremony couple are usually reaping several sort associated with advantages through guests going to a unit while stated guests get no benefits of carrying out so? Novice a lengthy time considering that i possess sat by means of one therefore I’m uncertain. In any kind of case, I actually told the girl I’d place my feet down plus not proceed because that is absurd in order to ask associated with the visitors. ”


Reddit users furthermore seemed suspicious of the particular situation.

1 user replied, “Um simply no. I may not become attending. We will not really sit by means of a unit even when they provide free areas and meals and therefore forth I actually am in no way going in order to sit via someone in order to attend the marriage whenever I obtain nothing through it. ”


Another consumer responded, “Tell your buddy to motivate her BF to place into exercise himself. I actually say this particular for purely selfish factors – We would such as an up-date after the particular wedding. ”

Others asked yourself when the particular author’s buddy had various other available options, with 1 responding, “Nope-I would not really view the timeshare plus might think about staying someplace else (probably cheaper along with no presentation-which incidentally pull on permanently, are extremely boring plus use high-pressure sales tactics). ”


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