Four hearty winter pies – recipes Four hearty winter pies – recipes

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Prep thirty minCook one hr thirty minServes six

1 bunny, 1 huge pheasant or even 1 little chicken, jointed into little pieces within the boneOlive oil100g smoked sausage, cut directly into fine lardons1 small carrot, peeled plus finely diced1 onion, peeled and carefully diced½ celeriac, peeled plus finely diced2 tbsp flour100ml dry cider150ml chicken stock100ml cream1 tbsp dijon mustard1 large few tarragon simply leaves, roughly choppedSalt and dark pepper one squeeze ” lemon ” juice500g shortcrust pastry1 ovum, beaten, intended for brushing

In the casserole container, saute the particular rabbit (or pheasant or even chicken) inside a little essential oil until fantastic brown all through, then eliminate from the particular pan plus set apart. Add the particular bacon, smolder until fantastic, then place aside along with the browned meat.

Include the carrot, onion, celeriac and flour to the particular pot, plus cook, mixing, for 5 minutes, incorporating the cider, stock plus cream. Come back the meats and lardons to the particular casserolepot, put within the cover and depart to simmer for twenty minutes.

Details out the particular rabbit parts, leave in order to cool just for a few of moments, then select the flesh from your bones. Come back the selected meat in the direction of the container, cook designed for a couple of minutes a lot more, then mix within the particular mustard plus tarragon. Time of year to flavor with sodium, lemon fruit juice and the generous quantity of spice up. Remove the particular pie blend from your casserole and depart to awesome for thirty minutes.

Temperature the cooker to 200C (180C fan)/390F/gas 6. Move two thirds of the particular pastry in order to about 3mm thick. Make use of this in order to line the particular bottom plus sides associated with a 23cm pie meal, then tea spoon in the particular cooled filling up. Turns away the leftover pastry in order to make the lid, plus crimp the particular edges in order to seal. Do not worry as well much regarding how precisely neat this really is definitely – the hunter’s curry is the thing associated with rustic, tough beauty.

Clean the really best associated with the cake with defeated egg, after that bake just for 45 moments. Serve sizzling hot using a eco-friendly salad, mustard plus a cup of cider.

Prep ten minChill forty five min+Cook one hr thirty minServes 4-6

1 number swiss chard (about ten leaves along with stalks intact), washed40g butter1 garlic clove, peeled plus chopped1 little handful sultanas75ml milk, in addition a splash extra for your wash1 egg cell, beaten2 ovum yolks75g grated parmesan50g this tree nuts, toastedSalt and dark pepperNutmeg2 by 320g progresses ready-made shortcrust pastry

Remove the chard leaves from your stalks, after that chop the particular stalks because finely as it can be and approximately chop the particular leaves. Dissolve the butter in the large container, add the particular garlic, plus cook intended for a moment, then include the sliced chard stalks and prepare gently more than a moderate to reduced heat till nice plus tender. Mix within the particular chopped chard leaves plus sultanas, prepare for an additional a few of mins, then change off the particular heat plus stir inside the whole milk.

Spoon the particular chard in to a dish, then mix the defeated egg, amongst the egg cell yolks, the particular parmesan plus the pinus radiata nuts. Time of year generously along with salt, spice up and newly grated nutmeg, then location in the particular fridge meant for a minimal of forty five minutes.

Warmth the stove to 190C (170C fan)/375F/gas 5. Range a deeply dish, 23cm pie mold or spring-form tin along with one move of the particular shortcrust pastry, leaving a lot of overhang. Cut out there a group through the 2nd roll associated with pastry that will is not really too younger to include the cake (save any kind of surplus pastry another use). Fill the particular lined quiche dish along with the chard mixture plus top using the pastry group. Pinch collectively the sides of the particular pie plus tuck within to close off.

Mix the particular rest associated with the ovum yolk along with a small milk, plus brush many over the particular the best of quiche. Cut the vent within the center to allow out the particular steam, after that bake just for just 1 hour, until the pastry is effectively golden. Function warm along with a greens of sour leaves for example radicchio plus chicory.

Preparation 5 minCook 1 human resources 45 minServes 4

500g pork sausagemeat (free-range plus organic, meant for preference)Vegetable essential oil 2 big onions, peeled and sliced up as very finely as possible1 tbsp brownish sugar200ml alcohol or darkish beer Damaged black pepper400g puff pastry1 egg, defeated, for cleaning

Break upward the sausagemeat and brownish it within a big frying skillet with the little essential oil – work with a spoon within order in order to it upward more whilst it’s cooking food, and furthermore to avoid clumping. Exchange to a few plate covered with kitchen area paper, in order to drain, plus leave in order to cool.

Mix the onions into the particular hot skillet, increasing the particular oil in case need become, and prepare over the really low high temperature, stirring sometimes, for a good hour, till completely smooth however, not burned up or colored.

Add the particular sugar plus beer, switch up heat to medium-high and prepare down until the water has nearly completely evaporated.

Come back the sausagemeat towards the particular pan, period with a lot of damaged black spice up and keep to awesome.

Heat the particular oven in order to 200C (180C fan)/390F/gas six. Roll out there the pastry to regarding 3mm dense and reduce out 4, even-sized rectangles. Lay the line associated with the chicken mixture upon each one particular of these types of and collapse the pastry over best to block off. Crimp the particular edges the little little bit to close off, then clean with defeated egg plus bake pertaining to 25 mins, until fantastic brown. Function warm along with both British and wholegrain mustards.

Prep/chill 25 minCook 50 minServes 4-6

500g puff pastry120g soft butter120g sugar1 egg cell, plus two egg yolks120g ground almonds15g flour1 tbsp amaretto liqueur such since Disaronno1 touch salt100g quince jam (or other quickly pull of the particular choice), loose with one tbsp water1 tbsp milkIcing sugar, regarding dustingA couple of flaked walnuts, toasted, in order to serve

Becomes out the particular pastry in order to about 3mm thick, after that, utilizing the plate like a guide, reduce two disks: one regarding 20cm within diameter since well because the various other slightly bigger. Minimize the roughly 28cm square linen of cooking paper, plus lay the particular smaller pastry disc on the top. Chill each discs when you prepare the particular filling.

Lotion the butter with the particular sugar till light plus fluffy, after that blend the particular whole egg cell and one particular from the particular yolks, then the terrain almonds, flour as properly as the particular liqueur. Put in a pinch associated with salt make aside.

Making use of a tea spoon, spread the particular jam more than the smaller sized pastry disk, leaving the 2cm boundary around the particular edge. Best the quickly pull with all the cashew cream – you will probably find this easier plus neater in order to use the piping handbag, but the spoon or even spatula may also function. Drape the particular bigger pastry disc more than the filling up, then happens fingers plus thumb in order to crimp collectively the sides as nicely as a person can, plus chill the particular pithivier designed for 15 moments.

Heat the particular oven in order to 185C (175C fan)/385F/gas 5½. Mix the particular remaining ovum yolk having a spoonful associated with milk, plus brush unreasonable of the particular pie. Make use of a little knife in order to attain a good attractive design on the particular lid associated with the pithivier, and reduce a small hole within the best to allow steam get away.

Bake designed for 35 a few minutes, until fantastic, then eliminate and keep to awesome. Dust along with icing glucose, scatter over the few done flaked walnuts, and function with whipped cream.

• Merlin Lebron-Johnson is chef/patron of Osip in Bruton, Somerset.


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