Kim-Joy’s recipe for blueberry frangipane and cream mini mug tarts

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Crisp pastry, plus the little little bit of quickly pull and fairly sweet and crazy frangipane, capped with the swirl associated with whipped lotion; all associated with the components of the delectable treat in smaller mug type.

Makes: twenty-four mini-tarts (or about twelve larger tarts)For the pastry225g plain flour155g salted butter, at area temperature 40g caster sugars 1 moderate eggFor the particular frangipane 100g salted butter100g caster sugar1 medium egg3/4 tsp cashew extract100g terrain almonds For your whipped lotion topping 130g double cream20g icing sugar1/2 tsp vanilla bean pastePlus Strawberry quickly pull 24 freezing blueberriesIcing glucose and waterHard pretzels Cacao powder

Location the flour inside a blending bowl; cut and include the butter. Rub the particular butter directly into the flour until this resembles good breadcrumbs. Do not overwork. Mix in the particular sugar. Defeat the egg cell in the individual normal dimension bowl, after that add two tbsp in the direction of the blending bowl plus beat along with a shell, gradually merging it using the rest associated with the blend (use a lot more egg in case needed). Happens hands in order to create the particular pastry directly into a golf ball.

Roll out there pastry in order to 3mm/1⁄8in dense on the particular generously floured surface.

Oil a 24-hole mini wedding cake tin. Reduce circles associated with pastry plus press straight into each opening to range. Prick the particular bottom associated with each two times with the fork. Location in the particular fridge in order to chill designed for at minimum 20 a few minutes.

Heat the particular oven in order to 200C (180C fan)/400F/gas tag 6. Range the perfectly chilled pastry mugs with small paper cupcake liners (or baking paper), then fill up with cooking beads/lentils/rice. Sightless bake designed for a few of mins, remove the particular paper plus beads plus bake intended for 3-5 moments. Remove through the cooker and depart to great.

Meanwhile, linked with frangipane. Place the particular butter plus sugar in the stand mixing machine bowl, after that cream jointly on broadband until gentle and cozy. Add the particular egg plus almond remove, and blend until simply combined. Collapse in the particular ground walnuts. Spoon 1⁄3 tsp associated with the quickly pull into every pastry instances, then tea spoon in the particular frangipane – about three-quarters from the particular way in order to the quite best. Push two iced blueberries straight into each.

Cook again intended for 15-20 mins, or till the frangipane is fantastic and arranged. Leave in order to cool totally.

Once great, mix the little topping sugar plus water to create a paste plus use this particular to stay bits of pretzel aside, such as handles.

Mix the dual cream along with the topping sugar plus vanilla veggie paste unless you have gentle peaks. Move to the piping handbag with the open up star-shaped nozzle (or similar) and tube just the little swirl along along with each sour. Sift more than cocoa natural powder.


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